Neora ProLuxe Hair Mask

Fight the signs of ageing, damaged hair with this intensive, once-a-week treatment formulated to intuitively seek, find and repair almost every type of damage done to the hair shaft. Exclusive ingredients penetrate deep into the hair fibre to repair damaged hair by bonding together broken strands for a long-lasting effect.

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The ProLuxe Hair Mask’s professional-grade formula penetrates deep into the hair fibre to re-bond broken strands and restore your healthy, youthful-looking appearance and manageability while improving colour retention and balancing your scalp’s moisturisation.

The ProLuxe Hair Mask includes ingredients that:
Penetrates deep into the hair fibre to repair damaged hair by bonding together broken strands for a long-lasting effect
Restores hair’s youthful, healthy appearance, including improved shine, hydration, strength, elasticity and manageability
Provides immediate results with cumulative impact after multiple use
Improves colour retention
Helps oily and dry scalps balance to the right level of moisturisation, and provide relief from an itchy scalp

How to Use: ProLuxe Hair Mask
For optimal results, use the ProLuxe Hair Mask once a week after using the Rebalancing Shampoo and Rebalancing Conditioner. This should be your last rinse-out product. Unscrew cap and remove tamper-evident foil seal before use. Apply generously from roots to ends. Use a wide-tooth comb or fingers to comb through your hair and ensure mask is evenly distributed. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with cool or lukewarm water. You may use the Hair Mask once a week in place of your daily conditioner, if you choose. If your hair is typically on the oilier side, use a smaller amount.


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